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Everything I do is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while creating a lifestyle they LOVE! 

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Angie Hardison

Hey, I'm Angie!

My superpower is helping coaches and leaders take all the big ideas you have scribbled down on post-it notes, slips of paper, and napkins. I sort them out and bring them all sparkling to life for you.

I have specialized in makeovers for many years (I had a previous life as a hairstylist). I realized about 7 years ago, that I needed a change, my soul craved helping other business owners.

Now, I come alongside coaches and online creators to help them build business strategies and brand identities.

Specializing in:


  • branding and graphic design
  • sales funnel designs that convert visitors into customers
  • websites that communicate your brand with clarity
  • recognizing opportunities for networking and business growth

My favorite part of working with my clients is that we have fun.

We work together to develop a personal relationship so that we can build the tools that support your business. You get your time back so that you can be creative, do your best work, and shine in the spotlight!


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